On moral injury

We are suffering a type of moral injury as a country we thought we had left behind after the 1960s. Our mistake was in thinking that things had been aired out, rather than brushed under the rug.

Loving the earth

It is important to take time to consider the aliveness of the earth and to consider the repercussions and values of being alive. It's important to think of the earth as a living being with needs.

The emperor has no clothes

It's rather obvious that we are seeing a situation that is akin to the story about the Emperor who presented himself as having clothes but was stark naked and the people who want to believe he was clothed.

An exegesis of Romans 13

Jeff Sessions referred to Romans 13 as justification for ripping children from families at the border. Putting aside the insanity of citing the Bible as reason for a governmental policy, I think it’s quite germane to conduct an exegesis of the entirety of Romans 13. Those who quote it to support authoritarianism often cut off the reading of it.